Mission Statement

Today’s post marks the 50th post on this blog since I launched it back in December. While this isn’t a huge milestone by any means, I thought it would be a good time to refocus and define a mission statement. While this is sort of a line in the sand, my mission will always be changing as I learn about you (my readers) and what you are really looking for. Ultimately my mission is to serve my readers.

My mission

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to bring awareness to training. Too many people actively decide not to train because they have put their faith in equipment and expect that is enough to protect them from anything. Others have inactively determined that they have no need to train because ‘it can’t happen to them’. Through my writing and related activities I would like to convince these individuals that they do need to train if they want to be prepared for the dangers in the world.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to motivate the casual student to become a serious student. To take the individual who might carry a firearm and practice once or twice a year and help them train more regularly and with better effect. To take the casual martial artist who might train purely for pleasure or competition and add a seriousness to their training so they focus on the real world and applying their skills to these scenarios.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to support the serious student and help them get more from their training. To help them decide which drills and exercises to perform. To assist in developing training plans. To inform them about training mindset.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to provide motivation, tips, tools, and information to anyone who might train and wants to take their training to the next level. I recognize that not everyone will want to spend every waking moment training, so I want to help make everyone’s training, whether an hour a year or 10 hours a day, as effective as possible.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to help improve my readers’ ability to survive violent confrontation through improving their training. I recognize that training in itself does not make someone indestructible, but by making training well-rounded and properly orchestrated, the chances of survival can be greatly increased.

Finally, it is my mission with Indestructible Training to help you! To answer your questions, to help start and continue the discussion about what you need to improve your training.

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