The Quick Fix

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Not a day goes by without some offer of a quick fix solution somewhere on the internet. People peddle their online and DVD courses with claims that they will make you invincible. They might as well make claims that they can teach you to dodge bullets and kill people by looking at them.

What’s worse is that people buy into it.

There is no quick fix solution. No item you can buy or carry will protect you on the street, and no 1 hour course or DVD is going to magically give you the skills you need to make you an invulnerable harbinger of death.

Preparing to defend yourself is hard work. It requires countless hours of practice, buckets of sweat, bruises, blood, cuts, scratches, and a hell of a lot of soreness the next day.

Why are people so drawn to these claims of magical courses and tools?

I can only assume that as with most areas of our lives, we are drawn to the easy solution. Why work hard when I can just buy something to do the work for me? Why break a sweat when I can become an expert by watching something on my DVD player?

People are foolish and become drawn to the easy way out. This is the same reason why we have seen so many ponzi and pyramid schemes. You mean I can get rich and people will just send me money and all I need to do is X? Sure I’ll do it!

Don’t get drawn into these schemes. If you don’t need to work hard to get something, can it really be worth it? Avoid throwing your money away to some guy you just met on the internet.

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  1. Great article. There is never a quick and easy way to get quality. If it sounds too good to be true then it IS too good to be true!

  2. Thank you for the comment. Any skill worth having is worth the hard work to get. If it comes too easy it probably won’t work when you need it to.

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