Looking Back on the First Year of Indestructible Training

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One year ago today I posted the very first post here on Indestructible Training. It’s amazing how time flies. It really doesn’t feel like it has been a whole year.

I started writing this blog thinking it would be a good way to start investing more of my time in things I really love doing. I started with a mission: help people get more from their training, encourage people to invest the time to improve themselves, and convince those that don’t train to start. Just like the self-improvement that comes with hard training, there really is never an end for this goal. There will always be people that need a little help or enlightenment with regards to training.

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I appreciate your support, and the time you spend reading what I have to say. I’m not some master of the universe or some self-professed expert, I just want to share my thoughts and insights with you, and hopefully expand my own knowledge on training from your comments in return. I appreciate each one of you taking the time to read and contribute to the training conversation here.

I would also like to thank my wife for all the support she has given me, the huge amount of time she has spent turning my unintelligible thoughts into coherent sentences. I would be lost without her.

Looking forward to a new year

With another year on the horizon, I look forward to bringing you more and hopefully better content every week. Hopefully I’ll finish the codex project I mentioned months ago (a fine example of scope creep; I’m going to need to draw a line in the sand and release something before I get old). And I hope to improve in all aspects. As always, I would appreciate any feedback you would like to provide.

Even more so I would appreciate comments on the blog! Tell me I’m wrong, agree with me, I don’t care either way, but I would love to start having more thoughtful discussions with you on the topics of training.

Thanks again for reading, I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing more with you!

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