I’m Still Alive

First and foremost, I’m still alive.  Its been close to 6 weeks since I have posted last… and I think for good reason.  Right around the new year I had some technical difficulties, more specifically I had both hard drives in my storage server die.  Thankfully I didn’t loose anything due to my meticulous nightly backups (I learned the hard way), but it did put a wrench in the works for my normal work/writing flow.

Right after the new year I started right in on working hard to launch my new dojo in Hudson, NH.  The first 3 weeks of January consisted of many late nights and busy weekends painting and renovating to get the space ready to go and to get advertising ready for my open house.  Thankfully that is all behind me now, and the dojo looks great, but it didn’t leave much time for my own training or writing here.

Now that the open house is behind me, hopefully I’ll settle back into a normal writing schedule again.  If I don’t post as consistently as I once did you’ll know why: life is getting in the way and the number of responsibilities on my plate seem to be growing exponentially these days.  Until someone decides to pay me to train and write full time that will have to do.

Thank you for holding out.  Welcome to the new names and faces.  And if you happen to live in southern NH come join Meikyo Dojo, LLC and train with me!


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