House Keeping: Google Reader’s Imminent Demise

Google_Reader_logo_GalliganIn case you aren’t aware it was announced recently that google reader is going to be going away.  Since 2/3 of you that follow the blog through RSS use google reader I thought it would be good to make sure that you were aware.  I also use google reader to keep up to date with my favorite blogs so this change is a huge blow.

Since google reader is going away in July, what are your options?  There are plenty of other google reader replacements out there.  You could also subscribe via email, or use social media such as facebook or twitter.  Whatever you choose give it a try sooner than later to avoid an interruption.

I’m giving the old reader a try, but I really need something that will work on Android as well as my computer.

If you have any recommendations please post them in the comments!

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