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Google Reader Going Dark July 1st

Google_Reader_logo_GalliganA few months ago google announced that google reader is going offline.  If you keep up with the blog via google reader you are really going to want to switch to a new reader utility before then so you don’t experience any interruptions.  Personally I’ve experimented with both feedly and The Old Reader.  While neither one really fills the gap like google reader did those are at least two options to get you started.


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Do You Train Fight Avoidance Skills?

Photo Credit: danielcruz

Photo Credit: danielcruz

Recently Dann from the God, Gals, Guns, Grub Blog posted a comment on my post: Can Competition Really Get You Killed?:


Competition is good for developing certain skills, but as for preparation for real life… when the man says, “Shooter ready? … Stand by…” “BEEEEP”… and the shooter leaves his or her gun in the holster, turns and walks away from the stage therefore winning a gun fight by avoiding it… then, maybe we’ll be getting closer…


This comment really got me thinking… how many people really invest any time into fight avoidance skills? It isn’t really all that glamorous to practice talking and maneuvering your way out of a fight, but I would think that of any fighting-related skill, avoidance would be the one most likely to be exercised in real life.

I’m definitely all for training any pre-fight skills, but what about you? Furthermore, what classes, trainers, and methods work the best for training these skills? Please post a comment and share your opinion!

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