My name is Nick Savery and I am a lifelong student of the precise and effective use of force. I have spent most of my life working to perfect my skills and conditioning.

My credentials:

I unknowingly began my quest as a child with the study of Kyokushin Karate. Since then I have taken a great interest in firearms and their use. My journey has taken me past just studying, and now I teach both Kyokushin and Rifle Marksmanship.

What I am not:

While this is my passion, and some may call me a teacher, I am still a student. I have not experienced (and hope never to experience) the two-way firing range. My skills have been built through rigorous training, but I have never had to validate them with my life on the line. I have never been there or done that. I am also not a nationally recognized trainer. I do not travel the country to teach tactics, shooting, or hand to hand skills.

Why you should read this blog:

It is my mission to help you achieve your goals through training, the same way I plan to achieve my goals. I will share with you my thoughts and ideas and I hope that in the process you will share your ideas with me.

I really appreciate your feedback, please at any time feel free to contact me.


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