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Readers of Indestructible Training, it is that time again!  Over a year ago we published a survey soliciting feedback from you, the readers of the blog.  The feedback we got was a huge help, so we’re doing it again.

If you can spare a moment please fill out our survey to help us improve your reading experience.

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After A Long Hiatus… I’m Back

IMG_20131012_104908_891It’s been a while since I posted last (a little over 4 months!), but I think I’m back… and hopefully here to stay for a while. The past few months have been crazy. Obligations at my day job ramped up quickly, eating just about every spare moment I had, even going so far as to knock dry-fire and time at the range off my radar over the past month or two. All of that culminated in a crazy couple of weeks including a 7 day period where I worked 100 hours (in addition to the time at the dojo and appointments for my wife).

The other reason my life has been crazy? My wife and I are expecting our first born son any day now welcomed a new member to our family a little over 3 weeks ago. Likely things will remain crazy for a while, but in a whole new and exciting way. With that in mind, I plan on getting back into the swing of things with writing for the blog over the next few weeks.

While I have been away I have learned a few brief lessons that apply to training. Some of these have been touched on briefly in the past, but sometimes I can be too hardheaded to learn something the first time around.

Don’t attempt to break patio blocks on grass (Or Ibuprofen is our friend)

While I was away from the blog, I performed a demonstration at one of the local town fairs. At the demo I did some tameshiwari (breaking). One of my breaks was a concrete patio block supported on cinder blocks. The cinder blocks were standing on grass.

My first attempted break? A straight downward punch.

Unfortunately patio blocks are hard and grass is soft. The pressure transferred to the ground instead of the patio block causing my hand to take more of the impact than the block. End result: much swelling and bruising and an unbroken block. Luckily X-Rays show my hand isn’t broken, but I type this with a still swollen knuckle over a month two months later. All the doctor can recommend at this point is some Ibuprofen to help what is likely a deep bone bruise to heal.

Lesson learned? Injuries suck.

I haven’t been able to hit anything with this hand or be at 100% since I hurt it. Avoiding injuries is the key to continuing your training and making progress. Want to really get good at something? Don’t get hurt so you can keep training.

Time is still always a huge factor in our training

I’ve written about this before. Time can be scarce and fitting training around our busy lives can be difficult. Sometimes we just need to let go and get through the crisis in front of us. Reducing the amount of training can help maintain skills, but sometimes rest is good for the body and the mind. My month of hell at work luckily coincided with my injury so it has allowed me to start my recovery during a period where I really didn’t have the time to train anyway.

Stress definitely affects our training

The last few weeks before I stopped my dry-fire routine due to my hectic schedule, I noticed a huge drop in performance. I wasn’t able to focus. Focus in training is very important. Only good reps count, and when your ratio of good to bad falls too low you risk doing more harm than good.

This goes back to the last point – sometimes dealing with a stressful situation and getting it out of the way is better for our long term growth than struggle with the balancing act. Distracted training can detract from your skill set more than no training at all.

Thank you all for holding out while I have been away. Going forward I’m hoping to get back to writing on a consistent basis. The next post will hopefully be up soon, but if it isn’t it should just be a matter of weeks not months.

If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to subscribe to the email list to make sure you don’t miss future posts as they are posted.

Now that I’m back, what would you like to see discussed in future posts? Please contact me or post a comment and let me know!

Google Reader Going Dark July 1st

Google_Reader_logo_GalliganA few months ago google announced that google reader is going offline.  If you keep up with the blog via google reader you are really going to want to switch to a new reader utility before then so you don’t experience any interruptions.  Personally I’ve experimented with both feedly and The Old Reader.  While neither one really fills the gap like google reader did those are at least two options to get you started.


The even better option, however, is to sign up to receive updates directly via email.  You’ll never miss a post and you’ll receive the very occasional super secret email about something cool.  Header over to the subscribe page for more info!

House Keeping: Google Reader’s Imminent Demise

Google_Reader_logo_GalliganIn case you aren’t aware it was announced recently that google reader is going to be going away.  Since 2/3 of you that follow the blog through RSS use google reader I thought it would be good to make sure that you were aware.  I also use google reader to keep up to date with my favorite blogs so this change is a huge blow.

Since google reader is going away in July, what are your options?  There are plenty of other google reader replacements out there.  You could also subscribe via email, or use social media such as facebook or twitter.  Whatever you choose give it a try sooner than later to avoid an interruption.

I’m giving the old reader a try, but I really need something that will work on Android as well as my computer.

If you have any recommendations please post them in the comments!

I’m Still Alive

First and foremost, I’m still alive.  Its been close to 6 weeks since I have posted last… and I think for good reason.  Right around the new year I had some technical difficulties, more specifically I had both hard drives in my storage server die.  Thankfully I didn’t loose anything due to my meticulous nightly backups (I learned the hard way), but it did put a wrench in the works for my normal work/writing flow.

Right after the new year I started right in on working hard to launch my new dojo in Hudson, NH.  The first 3 weeks of January consisted of many late nights and busy weekends painting and renovating to get the space ready to go and to get advertising ready for my open house.  Thankfully that is all behind me now, and the dojo looks great, but it didn’t leave much time for my own training or writing here.

Now that the open house is behind me, hopefully I’ll settle back into a normal writing schedule again.  If I don’t post as consistently as I once did you’ll know why: life is getting in the way and the number of responsibilities on my plate seem to be growing exponentially these days.  Until someone decides to pay me to train and write full time that will have to do.

Thank you for holding out.  Welcome to the new names and faces.  And if you happen to live in southern NH come join Meikyo Dojo, LLC and train with me!


Looking Back on the First Year of Indestructible Training

Photocredit: foobean1

One year ago today I posted the very first post here on Indestructible Training. It’s amazing how time flies. It really doesn’t feel like it has been a whole year.

I started writing this blog thinking it would be a good way to start investing more of my time in things I really love doing. I started with a mission: help people get more from their training, encourage people to invest the time to improve themselves, and convince those that don’t train to start. Just like the self-improvement that comes with hard training, there really is never an end for this goal. There will always be people that need a little help or enlightenment with regards to training.

For those that subscribe to the email list or rss, those that follow on twitter and have liked us on facebook:


I appreciate your support, and the time you spend reading what I have to say. I’m not some master of the universe or some self-professed expert, I just want to share my thoughts and insights with you, and hopefully expand my own knowledge on training from your comments in return. I appreciate each one of you taking the time to read and contribute to the training conversation here.

I would also like to thank my wife for all the support she has given me, the huge amount of time she has spent turning my unintelligible thoughts into coherent sentences. I would be lost without her.

Looking forward to a new year

With another year on the horizon, I look forward to bringing you more and hopefully better content every week. Hopefully I’ll finish the codex project I mentioned months ago (a fine example of scope creep; I’m going to need to draw a line in the sand and release something before I get old). And I hope to improve in all aspects. As always, I would appreciate any feedback you would like to provide.

Even more so I would appreciate comments on the blog! Tell me I’m wrong, agree with me, I don’t care either way, but I would love to start having more thoughtful discussions with you on the topics of training.

Thanks again for reading, I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing more with you!

Reader Survey

Photo credit: yarranz

Readers of Indestructible Training: I need your help!  In training we use feedback to help determine the effectiveness of our efforts.  Similarly I’m looking for some feedback for my efforts here on the blog.   I’ve put together a little survey to help me get a better idea exactly who you are so I can serve you better.  All I need you to do is head over to the survey and answer my questions to the best of your ability.

 Take the survey here.

Thank you in advance!


Announcing Some Changes at Indestructible Training

I started this blog back in December because I wanted to finally spend more of my life doing what I really love: training. For the past 6 months I have been able to write and publish content on the subject, which has done wonders to help expand my own understanding of how to best train and prepare oneself.

For the 6 months that Indestructible Training has existed, I have been consistently publishing content every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Consistency has a lot of value, especially in the context of training.

The amount of content I have been putting together, while not a huge amount by comparison to some blogs, has been enough to require a substantial amount of my time. Starting this week I would like to shift gears a bit and begin publishing on a more random basis. I’ll be aiming to put out at least one post a week, sometimes more.

This change will do two things. Firstly, by publishing less content, I’ll be able to spend more time on each piece I write, and hopefully provide a better product. What it will also do is open up some of my time for working on other projects to promote and build the blog, and even just to invest more of my time into training and teaching.

If you have picked up on the pattern of content in the past and plan your visits to the site accordingly, it would make a lot of sense to subscribe to get updates when new content is available.

If you have been a fan of the Friday “Best of the Web” posts I would recommend following me on twitter or liking the Indestructible Training facebook page. I’ll be tweeting and posting links to good content when I see it to help point you to the best discussions on training and related topics I can find.

Thank you all for the support so far. Indestructible Training isn’t going away, but instead is evolving into what will hopefully be something better.

Mission Statement

Today’s post marks the 50th post on this blog since I launched it back in December. While this isn’t a huge milestone by any means, I thought it would be a good time to refocus and define a mission statement. While this is sort of a line in the sand, my mission will always be changing as I learn about you (my readers) and what you are really looking for. Ultimately my mission is to serve my readers.

My mission

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to bring awareness to training. Too many people actively decide not to train because they have put their faith in equipment and expect that is enough to protect them from anything. Others have inactively determined that they have no need to train because ‘it can’t happen to them’. Through my writing and related activities I would like to convince these individuals that they do need to train if they want to be prepared for the dangers in the world.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to motivate the casual student to become a serious student. To take the individual who might carry a firearm and practice once or twice a year and help them train more regularly and with better effect. To take the casual martial artist who might train purely for pleasure or competition and add a seriousness to their training so they focus on the real world and applying their skills to these scenarios.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to support the serious student and help them get more from their training. To help them decide which drills and exercises to perform. To assist in developing training plans. To inform them about training mindset.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to provide motivation, tips, tools, and information to anyone who might train and wants to take their training to the next level. I recognize that not everyone will want to spend every waking moment training, so I want to help make everyone’s training, whether an hour a year or 10 hours a day, as effective as possible.

It is my mission with Indestructible Training to help improve my readers’ ability to survive violent confrontation through improving their training. I recognize that training in itself does not make someone indestructible, but by making training well-rounded and properly orchestrated, the chances of survival can be greatly increased.

Finally, it is my mission with Indestructible Training to help you! To answer your questions, to help start and continue the discussion about what you need to improve your training.

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